KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) – Song and Stories of the Lakota Native American tribe could be heard on Sunday at The Archway in Kearney.

This was all part of its monthly Soda Fountain Sundaes series where they bring in a guest speakers who share stories and aspects of their culture and it always correlates with the overall theme of The Archway.

“It’s kind of nice to put this on or have them go through the museum and see what they had to go through, the weather and what they had to endure through the whole thing because a lot of people just kind of forget or don’t understand,” said The Archway’s Event Coordinator Amber Clement.

When the pioneers came over on the Oregon Trail they met with the Lakota people in Kearney. Starting at 2:30 p.m., Guest Speaker Jerome Kills Smalls from South Dakota talked about the history and there were dozens of people listening in the audience.

“I’m so excited they showed up before 2 p.m.,” Clement said. “That was really exciting and hopefully they keep coming and they’ll stay for the sundaes and we can all just kind of hang out and chat.”

After the event was over, people could help themselves to some free root beer floats at The Archway’s vintage soda fountain.

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