Search engine Google published its ‘Year in Search 2022’ list. Like every other year, this year’s round-up too compiles the top-trending searches globally across a broad range of topics, including songs. And these two Indian songs made it to the top ten list. Can you guess the names of the songs? They are Chaand Baaliyan and Srivalli.

The list reveals that Chaand Baaliyan is at the number three spot and was searched for the most during the month of April. The song went viral two years after its release and is a trending song on Instagram reels. Srivalli, on the other hand, is number ten on the list and was most searched during January this year. The song from the film Pushpa: The Rise went viral as people worldwide recreated the dance steps. Besides India, these songs were also searched in Pakistan, Canada and the United States, among other regions. The viral song Chaand Baaliyan by Aditya A was released in 2020, and Srivalli by Javed Ali was released in 2021.

While these Indian songs got people humming worldwide, Coke Studio’s Pasoori by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill unsurprisingly topped the list. BTS’s Butter grabbed the second spot. The third position was claimed by Chaand Baaliyan by Aditya A, while Heat waves, a song by Glass Animals for the album Dreamland took up the fourth spot. The pop band Imagine Dragons ruled the fifth and sixth spot with their songs Enemy and Believer, respectively. BTS again made it to the list with their song Dynamite for the album BE. French singer-songwriter Indila’s Ainsi bas la vida for the album Mini World managed to claim the eighth position. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back), a song by Backstreet Boys, took ninth place. And the last song on the top ten list is Srivalli by Javed Ali.

How many of these songs have you heard this year? Is any of these songs your favourite? Also, did you search for any of these songs on Google?