Eurovision is first and foremost a song contest. But what’s a song contest without vocals? At both ends of the spectrum, whether you hit a few bum notes or give a dazzlingly perfect vocal performance, people will remember. And Gjon’s Tears performance of “Tout l’univers” certainly falls into the latter camp.

We’re pleased to announce Switzerland’s Gjon’s Tears as the winner of wiwibloggs’ Vision Music Award 2021 for Best Live Vocals.

This is Gjon’s second trophy in the VMA 2021 season after also winning the Best Music Video award.

Our readers selected Gjon’s Tears as their favourite out of seven shortlisted finalists.

Gjon’s Tears wins Best Live Vocals at the Vision Music Awards 2021

We asked our readers to vote for which act they thought delivered the best live vocals at Eurovision 2021. And Gjon’s Tears took home the gold with a staggering 2,139 votes — that’s 33.06% of all votes cast.

The Swiss singer stunned us all with his astonishing high notes in “Tout l’univers”.

Casual viewers and expert juries alike marvelled at Gjon as he belted out ascending and descending melismatic passages. Eventually, he went on to win the jury vote and place sixth with the public, resulting in a third-place finish overall.

As wiwiblogger Pablo wrote in his Wiwi Jury review:

“Sublime. ‘Tout l’univers’ showcases Gjon’s Tears at his best. Possibly the most arresting ballad in the mix, the epic instrumentals hark of Woodkid, one of my all-time favourites in the French music scene, while Gjon makes those high notes sound as effortless as they are crisp, clean and pretty much pitch-perfect. With a tender first half that grows into an explosive cinematic flair, this song exudes class.”

Gjon joins the VMA hall of fame alongside former Best Live Vocals winners including Spain’s Ruth Lorenzo, Poland’s Michal Szpak and the Netherlands’ Duncan Laurence.

The first runner-up in our poll for the Best Live Vocals award was France’s Barbara Pravi. Barbara poured her heart and soul into her grand final performance of “Voilà”, eventually going on to win the Eurovision 2021 silver medal. In our poll, Barbara Pravi received 1,003 votes — that’s 15.5% of all votes cast.

Meanwhile, third place went to Ukraine’s Go_A frontwoman Kateryna Pavlenko. Our readers loved Kateryna’s impeccable white voice singing technique on “SHUM” and gave the Eurovision 2021 fourth alternate a grand total of 974 votes — that’s 15.5% of the total vote.

Poll results: Who should win the Vision Music Award for Best Live Vocals at Eurovision 2021?

  1. Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears — 33.06% (2,139 votes)
  2. France: Barbara Pravi — 15.5% (1,003 votes)
  3. Ukraine: Go_A’s Kateryna Pavlenko — 15.05% (974 votes)
  4. Italy: Måneskin’s Damiano David — 13.71% (887 votes)
  5. Malta: Destiny — 11.68% (756 votes)
  6. Israel: Eden Alene — 7.36% (476 votes)
  7. North Macedonia: Vasil — 3.65% (236 votes)

Total votes: 6,471

Vision Music Awards

This award is the final of 14 honourifics we launched as part of the Vision Music Awards 2021 (VMAs).

Our 14 categories — from Best Dressed to Best Use of Social Media — identify the contestants who left the biggest impression on Eurovision fans, regardless of whether they won the contest or not.

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