As Madison Bloom wrote in her review of the film: When Lebanese guitarists Lilas Mayassi and Shery Bechara met—in a riot, as they recall—the first thing they did was talk about music. It was the summer of 2015, and the two women were protesting the towering heaps of garbage amassing in Beirut, along with the government’s apathy toward the crisis. Their connection was instant, and within a year they formed the thrash metal band Slave to Sirens alongside vocalist Maya S. Khairallah, bassist Alma Doumani, and drummer Tatyana Boughaba. In her new documentary Sirens, Moroccan-American filmmaker Rita Baghdadi explores the inner workings of the group, who are credited as the first all-female metal band to emerge from the Middle East. Despite its colossal themes—censorship, sexuality, and young adulthood—Baghdadi’s film feels like intimate portraiture: Her tight framing reveals a group of friends that women across the globe can see themselves in.

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Catch up on Los Espookys’ delightfully absurd second season


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As Eric Torres wrote in his Listening Diary with comedian and actor Ana Fabrega: Whether she’s dumping huge bottles of ketchup into a bowl to make her unique take on gazpacho, hollowing out carrots so she can put candies inside of them, or transcribing the audiobook of Don Quixote to write her own version of the epic novel, Ana Fabrega’s Los Espookys oddball Tati just might be the most lovably chaotic character on TV right now. Alongside co-creator Julio Torres, the 31-year-old stars as a member of the series’ namesake group of horror aficionados, who run a business staging DIY supernatural experiences. Her character is akin to Betty White’s Rose Nylund from The Golden Girls: the kind-hearted glue who holds the gang together, even if she’s a little slow on the uptake. Following one of the most delightful debut seasons in recent memory, Los Espookys recently returned for season two, and it remains as endearing and strange as ever.

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