September 23, 2023

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You can now stream Muji’s in-store music at home for free

Have you ever wondered where Muji gets its music from? Walk into any store and you’ll always be greeted by cheerful tunes in the background. Muji’s distinctive sound is actually a compilation of traditional music from 16 different countries and regions around the world – it features a collection of over 300 songs by local musicians.

Muji has previously sold CDs of its music, but as many people are now working from home, the Japanese lifestyle brand has released its music collection on multiple streaming services for the world to enjoy wherever they are. 

Now you can stream all 327 songs organised by location-themed albums, including traditional tunes of southern Italy, music from the buskers of Parisian metro, and even Irish Celtic folk songs. There’s also a new curated summer playlist featuring 30 songs inspired by the season.

Muji BGM is available on a host of streaming services, including free ones. Here’s the full list of streaming platforms where you can listen to Muji music: Apple Music, Amazon Music, AWA, Spotify, Line Music, YouTube Music, Utapass, and D Hits.  

Muji plans to make its music available on more streaming services as well as update its Spotify playlist four times a year. For more music details, visit the official website here.

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